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band warm-ups

Solo and ensemble music

Symphonic Band Warmup:

 These comprehensive warmup exercises for the concert band include the following:

  • Long tones
  • Descending Chromatic Intervals
  • Descending Chromatic Chords
  • WW Chords with Brass lip slurs
  • Chromatic Exercises
  • Two measure chorales for band and section tuning
  • Seven short chorales (J.S. Bach & others) for balance, tone quality and tuning
  • Twelve Major Scales
  • Four Part  (SATB) Chorale on “Chester” (Wm Billings)  for balance

All the warm-ups are set in the medium to low range of the instruments.  The first page begins with a long tone/ low tone study, descending chromatic studies, lip slurs for brass, a chromatic scale etude, the major scales for each instrument, chorales (Bach and others) which are set in the medium to lower playing ranges.  These chorales are not intended as concert pieces – they concentrate on tone, tuning, air movement, and all the other preparation that precedes rehearsal.  The “Chester” chorale is printed with all 4 parts for each instrument. Students should play and sing the various lines – giving the tubas a chance to play the melody, the piccolo a chance to play the bass line and improves the tuning and balance of the band.


Symphonic Band Warmup Set Parts.pdf

The full score for the Symphonic Band Warmup is in hard copy with the student parts of the studies available on CD-Rom. The purchaser has the right, for their own use, of copying the individual instrument parts (4 pp @ ). The PDF files (require Acrobat Reader 5.0 or 6.0). The individual parts may be printed as needed, under copyright restrictions in so far as sharing with others, other than the purchaser. Priced at $50 USD.

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  Last Updated: October 27, 2015
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